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Meet The Owner

Our owner, Ron, got featured on the 27th June 2018 edition of the Straits Times! They called him “the music salesman who didn’t think Madonna would be big”…

He was also the one who thought that today companies were not going to be able to do new addition prep to products for heart problems, well, now we know they exist! And that they are really very effective for people with not only heart problems, but also sexual ones, even having a real addiction to sex and is when a top rated sex addiction rehab centre can help.

Ronald was a fervent fan of bodybuilding, to the point of promoting these practices among his friends. In his experience, there were few supplements outside of steroids that were really worthwhile, testoprime was one of them. And it is that being a product with a marked stability and market confidence, it was not for less.

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Link to Straits Times Article

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