Super Grip Grab Bar (Suction Type)


The Super Grip grab bars, lightweight, extremely sturdy, warm to touch and economical, are a must for safety in the bathroom environment.



The Super Grip Grab Bar provides that extra support and stability in the bathroom.

Grab bars are safety devices to help maintain balance, lessen fatigue while standing, hold some of their weight while maneuvering.

Perfect for use in bathroom, next to the toilet, near the stairs or beside chairs. Two Suction grips provides sturdy support. Note:This Plastic Suction Handle grips is for use on flat and smooth non-porous surface. It comes with safety indicators to indicate the strength of the grip when installed. Green – Safe, Red – Unsafe.

1 review for Super Grip Grab Bar (Suction Type)

  1. Sean

    Great service! The 16″ Grip Grab Bar was too short for my needs and Ron automatically recommended the 20″ one instead. The safety indicators (Green/Red) are useful.

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