Knee Wedge Pillow by CoreProducts



RehabKing sells the Knee Wedge Pillow by CoreProducts in Singapore.

The Deluxe Knee Wedge provides optimum support for knees and lower legs to help alleviate lower back pain. The Deluxe Knee Wedge is suitable for those recovering from surgery, especially lower body procedures, to reduce swelling and increase circulation to the healing areas. Made from high-quality, polyurethane foam and covered in plush polyester, the Deluxe Knee Wedge is designed for lasting comfort and ease of use.

Size: 20.5″x9.5″

The wedge may also be used as a backrest while relaxing in bed. See our associated product Bed Wedge for another alternative.

Constructed of precision cut, high quality foam and covered in a removable plush cover for easy handwashing.


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