UpEasy Seat Assist

For that extra assistance getting up due to mobility restrictions



UPEASY Power Seat is an electric-powered lift cushion for use on existing furniture — at home, or when you are visiting. It will lift you effortlessly from your favorite armchair or sofa with a flick of the power lever.

## Features

Self-powered, portable, lightweight
Provides a stable, gentle lift that supports up to 80% of user’s weight
Easy to adjust to suit user’s weight

## Specifications

Seat depth: 480mm (19″)
Base width: 380mm (15″)
Base depth: 410mm (16″)
Seat height closed: 50mm (2″)
Seat height open: 260mm (10″)
Weight 4.1kg
Suitable for persons with weight 50-154kg

Note: The Seat Assist Cushion is recommended for sofas or chairs with armrests for additional support when standing. It is also more suitable for sofas and armchairs which are lower as the height of the seat will be raised when the user is sitting on the Seat Assist Cushion.

Provides 100% electric lift for those who need help to stand from their armchair or sofa. Patented LeveLift Technology ensures a safe, gentle lift without pushing you forward. Right or left handed power control for convenience. Portable, with two ergonomic handles for around home or on the go. Includes a washable waterproof cover.


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