Comfo Care Mittens

Light, washable mittens help prevent patients from pulling out feeding, urinary or other drainage tubes.



Comfo Care mittens are created by Comfo Care. They are light, washable, dryable, cool, safe, effective and economical.

To be worn on adults who are consistently pulling out feeding, urinary or other drainage tubes long before changing dates are due. Frequent insertion of such tubes is not only traumatic, time consuming and inconvenient but also costly and distressful for both the patient and the care giver. Moreover, feeding tube when pulled during feeding may cause the milk to run into the respiratory tract which will endanger the patient’s life.

The dorsal side uses netted material for ventilation while the palm side is spongy to inhibit grip.

Speak to Ron at Rehabking and let him explain and guide you in the product usage.


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