Equagel Cushion



EqualGel Cushion is ideal for people who sit for long periods. The EquaGel cushion is capable of supporting heavy loads and do not “bottom out” under pressure. EquaGel™ is a dry-polymer gel, with a rubbery texture. It is not a liquid or water based cushion. The unique gel has unbelievable tensile and compression strength.

How does EqualGel work?

Traditional cushioning technologies compress under a weight load. As weight is applied to traditional foam cushion, the foam will bottom out under the heavier parts causing pressure and putting a client at risk of developing sores or ulcers. The harder a foam is compressed, the harder it pushes back.

EquaGel™ uses a patented process of column buckling, allowing the pressure points to free-float down in the cushion and to share to load with surrounding gel while the weight is evenly distributed across the entire contact surface of the client. Come on down to Rehab King to try out this unique cushion today.


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