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Meet The Owner

Our owner, Ron, got featured on the 27th June 2018 edition of the Straits Times! They called him “the music salesman who didn’t think Madonna would be big”… Link to Straits Times Article

Shop Online at Diapers n Diapers

The same team behind Rehab King @ Bukit Merah is bringing you a new option for online shopping – Diapers and Diapers Online! You can shop online anytime, anywhere with your mobile phone, tablet, laptops etc. We are starting with adult diapers, incontinence products, etc, followed by baby diapers, milk powders, etc and pet diapers […]

TENA Products Update

It’s midweek Wednesday! We carry a number of TENA products that are in process of being updated on the website. Hence, if you do not see a particular model here, or you are looking for certain sizes or specific needs, contact us. We will be glad to serve you.

Normalcy resumes

Our shop opens at usual operating hours 11am – 6pm weekdays, 11am – 5pm on Saturday. We look forward to serving you. In the meantime, also like our Facebook page, to stay connected and updated on our new products and promotions.

RehabKing latest Wheelchair Range (SOMA & KARMA)

RehabKing is proud to announce our newest additions to our wheelchair range. SOMA and KARMA are our latest wheelchairs specially designed to be strong, yet with a focus on ensuring portability, while ensuring safe transportation of their occupants. We know that style is important to consumers too and you would find that both Soma and Karma […]

P-Mate Promotion

Well, Ladies. Don’t travel without the Revolutionary ‘P-Mate’. A pleasant shout out to a friendly customer from South Korea who bought 100 pieces of P-Mate for his wife & daughter. They travel frequently by car in their homeland & the P-Mate will definitely come in handy. He found Rehab King on the Internet & made […]

A Rapidly Ageing Population in Singapore

As Singapore population grows older, it becomes increasingly important that we consider the needs for our elders. We have to think from their perspective and small home improvements such as grab bars, anti-slip mats could help improve their daily living. These needs differ between individuals and could require customisation for your homes. Every bear will […]

Rehab King Membership

Rehab King is launching a Privilege Card for Seniors (Age 50 to 115). It’s free! The Rehab King Privilege Card entitles you to our VSOP membership privileges and get discounts on selected goods, it includes discounts at the best life insurance policy, just click on the link for more information. Come on down to our […]


Hi there! Welcome to Rehab King! I am Dr Branson, the friendly mascot of Rehab King. Some customers tell me I look spiffy and smart in my yellow wheelchair, and I have to admit, I agree with them undoubtedly. These are quality wheelchairs sold here! My owner has started this new smart looking website and […]