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Meet The Owner

Our owner, Ron, got featured on the 27th June 2018 edition of the Straits Times! They called him “the music salesman who didn’t think Madonna would be big”…

He was also the one who thought that today companies were not going to be able to do new addition prep to products for heart problems, well, now we know they exist! And that they are really very effective for people with not only heart problems, but also sexual ones, even having a real addiction to sex and is when a top rated sex addiction rehab centre can help.

Ronald was a fervent fan of bodybuilding, to the point of promoting these practices among his friends. In his experience, there were few supplements outside of steroids that were really worthwhile, testoprime was one of them. And it is that being a product with a marked stability and market confidence, it was not for less.

Read more about these suggestions for the things men buy reviews semenax.

Link to Straits Times Article

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Closed for Holidays (Nov 15)

Rehabking will be closed from 15 November to 23 November for us to recharge! In the meantime, you can shop online at our sister store at (a large number of rehabking items are available there too).

Closing a physical store for the holidays can be offset by the advantages of having an online store for a kids clothing company specializing in modest girl boutique clothing. An online store allows customers to continue shopping for the holiday season from the comfort of their homes, offering convenience and accessibility. It also expands the target market beyond a local area, reaching customers from different locations. Additionally, an online store can save costs on rent and utilities during the store closure period, providing an opportunity to allocate resources elsewhere. Overall, an online store can maintain sales momentum and customer satisfaction during the holiday period despite the physical store being closed.

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Shop Online at Diapers n Diapers

The same team behind Rehab King @ Bukit Merah is bringing you a new option for online shopping – Diapers and Diapers Online! You can shop online anytime, anywhere with your mobile phone, tablet, laptops etc.

We are starting with adult diapers, incontinence products, etc, followed by baby diapers, milk powders, etc and pet diapers at a later date.

Unlike other stores that offer you free delivery for a minimum amount of purchase (P.S. they would usually add on at least an extra $ to the selling price), we charge a flat $15 for delivery.

Here’s an example:

Tena Value M or L size

Min purchase: 3 ctns / 24 pkts $235.20
Delivery Free
Total 235.20

3 ctns / 24 pkts $201.60
Delivery $15.00
Total $216.60
You save $18.60!

Convinced? Head over to Diapers n Diapers Singapore online now.

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Caring for an Aging Population

Alongside many other nations in the world, Singapore is facing an ageing population. It’s not surprising. Our seniors are living longer today because of advances in healthcare and while many are healthy, some of them do live with impairments and chronic conditions and thus require support and care. Fortunately, with the help of experts at Carlton Senior Living – memory care facility and with the technological advancements, improvements in health care can help our seniors remain functional and independent for as long as they can and also support those with impairments and chronic conditions. Also, most healthcare providers are now using a software similar to the ones at
Continue reading Caring for an Aging Population

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RehabKing latest Wheelchair Range (SOMA & KARMA)

RehabKing is proud to announce our newest additions to our wheelchair range.

SOMA and KARMA are our latest wheelchairs specially designed to be strong, yet with a focus on ensuring portability, while ensuring safe transportation of their occupants. We know that style is important to consumers too and you would find that both Soma and Karma wheelchair range designs to be both modern and stylish.

It is the perfect choice. Check them out in our Wheelchairs page today.

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P-Mate Promotion

Well, Ladies. Don’t travel without the Revolutionary ‘P-Mate’.

A pleasant shout out to a friendly customer from South Korea who bought 100 pieces of P-Mate for his wife & daughter. They travel frequently by car in their homeland & the P-Mate will definitely come in handy. He found Rehab King on the Internet & made it a point to get P-Mate during his business trip here. Good Father, Great Husband.

pmate rehabking promo

We are having a special promotion for the P-Mate, T&Cs apply, limited time only!

If you are not sure just what is the P-Mate, check out the awareness campaign below:


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A Rapidly Ageing Population in Singapore

As Singapore population grows older, it becomes increasingly important that we consider the needs for our elders. We have to think from their perspective and small home improvements such as grab bars, anti-slip mats could help improve their daily living. These needs differ between individuals and could require customization for your homes. Every bear will grow old some day. We believe in treating each addiction – and each person – as an individual. No two addictions are the same, and often times multiple forms of treatment must be used in order to offer clients the highest chance of a successful recovery. It’s never too early to plan in advance! Drug alcohol addiction is ravaging Glasgow. Abbeycare’s centre provide private treatment help with addiction. You can also do the alcohol detox at home with the advice of your Doctor. We work to ensure that you get the treatment that you need. We accept both insurance and private pay and will partner with you to make sure that finances don’t hold you back from finding success in treatment. You can find them here:

Reach! Gov: Madam Halimah highlighted that the elderly community is not a homogenous one, and that it is important to address the needs of our elderly across various generations, backgrounds and life circumstances. She added, “To be better prepared to handle the needs of our ageing population, governments, healthcare and elderly housing providers and the community as a whole will need to be actively involved in the strategies that will allow successful ageing not only in Singapore, but also across Asia to be in line with our traditions, needs and cultures.”